Dr. CP Rai takes potshots at CM Yogi

Dr. CP Rai

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Congress media cell president and state spokesperson Dr. CP Rai, in a press conference held at the state Congress office talked about sending a legal notice to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. He said That CM Yogi has accused in the Congress manifesto of opening beef slaughter houses.

Everyone read the Congress manifesto carefully.

Dr. CP Rai said that BJP and all its leaders need to read the Congress manifesto carefully. Those who do not know how to read should get someone to read it and understand it well. Legal notice will be sent to those who repeatedly make wrong statements regarding the Congress manifesto.

He said that whatever Congress has said in its manifesto is as clear as water. We have not said anything like opening a storage house anywhere. Nor have we made any announcement that we will confiscate people’s property. This fabricated lie is being spread by top BJP leaders. There is talk of giving government jobs to 30 lakh youth in the manifesto. There is talk of making women millionaires.

CP Rai said that a road map has been released regarding 30 lakh jobs. After the formation of the government on June 4, there is a plan as to when and how all these 30 lakh vacant government jobs in the country will be filled by December 24, 2024. BJP and PM Modi allege that we will grab people’s property. But he has forgotten that when the country was in trouble during the 1962 war, Indira Gandhi had donated her jewelery for the country.

He said that when the country was going through economic recession, the Congress family had donated its assets worth more than Rs 250 crore to the country. During its rule of last 55 years, Congress has strengthened the economic structure of the country the most. At the same time, during the 10 years of PM Modi’s tenure, the economic structure of only one person and his best friend Gautam Adani has been strengthened.


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