Digital attendance irks government school teachers

Digital attendance

Lucknow: To curb the late coming of teachers in government schools of Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government is now going to get the digital attendance of teachers (Digital Attendance in UP Schools). Earlier it was starting from July 15, but now digital attendance has started from July 8 i.e. Monday. All the teachers’ unions of UP have come out in protest against this decision of the government.

Teachers arrived in many schools of UP wearing black bands in the morning. Teachers are preparing for a big movement in protest against digital attendance. At the same time, DG School Education has given an additional half an hour for online attendance.

In fact, there was a preparation to get the digital attendance of teachers, staff and children from July 15 in the schools run by the Basic Education Council in the state, but DG School Education Kanchan Verma has instructed the BSAs of all the districts to get online attendance from Monday itself. Along with this, relaxation has also been given in the time limit for registering attendance. Earlier, attendance had to be recorded from 7:45 am to 8:00 am. Now the time for recording attendance has been increased by 30 minutes to 8:30 am. Students’ attendance and mid-day meal registers will also be prepared digitally.

In this digital attendance, attendance will have to be marked by facial recognition i.e. by seeing the face in front of the online camera. Teachers’ organizations have prepared to protest against digital attendance. UP BTC Teachers’ Union has opposed this type of attendance. On Monday, the Rashtriya Shikshak Mahasangh has submitted a memorandum addressed to CM Yogi Adityanath to the District Magistrate in all the districts of the state. The All India Primary Union affiliated to the Primary Teachers’ Union has appealed to all school teachers to protest by wearing a black band. The effect of this appeal is being seen in many schools of the state today.

That’s why teachers are protesting

The teachers opposing digital attendance say that in view of the rains, such a decision should be canceled for the time being. If this does not happen, then they will be forced to protest. Teachers’ organizations say that first the demands of teachers like EL, CL, half day should be fulfilled, then digital attendance should be implemented. Teachers say that it is rainy season right now, natural disasters are also happening in many places. In such a situation, if someone does not reach school on time due to digital attendance, his salary will be deducted, so such orders should be postponed.


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