Deadpool Mania returns as trailer trends

Mumbai: India is considered to be the biggest market for Hollywood films after China. Hollywood filmmakers release their films in India mainly in English as well as in the four popular film languages Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. There is a great interest among cinema lovers in watching foreign films in the local language. In such a situation, the audience has been waiting for the third part of the Hollywood film Deadpool for a long time. This film will be released under the name of Deadpool and Wolverine.

Now its Hindi trailer has been released. Two superheroes will be seen in the film. ‘Wolverine’ is someone who cannot die and has iron claws from his hands. Hugh Jackman has played this character on screen. Once again, with the return of Jackman, it seems that the film will make huge money at the box office. This time ‘Wolverine’ has been presented in a special costume.

Ryan Reynolds has played the role of ‘Deadpool’. When the English trailer of the film was released, it won the title of the most watched trailer worldwide within 24 hours. There are a lot of comments from fans on the Hindi trailer and it has gone viral on social media. One fan wrote that this is the best looking version of ‘Wolverine’ yet. The costumes and hairstyles are 10 out of 10. Another wrote, “The vibe of the Hindi trailer is different.”

Reportedly two films of ‘Deadpool’ series have been released. Marvel Studios’ ‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is directed by Shawn Levy. Morena Becharin, Emma Corrin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Ughams, Karan Son and Matthew Macfadyen also have important roles in the film. The film will be released in theaters on July 26 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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