Congress now embodies the soul of Aurungzeb says Yogi

Amethi: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that Congress is talking about imposing inheritance tax in its manifesto. This is a kind of Jizya tax. It seems that the spirit of Aurangzeb has come inside the Congress. He said that with the fourth phase of voting, the Modi wave will take the form of a tsunami in the country. Today the whole country is saying with one voice that we will bring back those who have brought Ram.

Chief Minister Yogi was addressing an election rally in Madhogarh. Here he appealed to the public to vote for party candidate and Union Minister Smriti Irani. The Chief Minister said that Ram and the nation are synonymous with each other and those who are opposing Ram are opposing the nation. He said that only two people are opposing Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one is Pakistan and the other is Ramdrohi.

Four generations of Congress could not tour as much as Smriti Irani did.

While addressing the people of Amethi, CM Yogi said that when you took a revolutionary decision in 2019, its thunder was heard not only in Lucknow but till Delhi. If the decision is right then the result is also right. For the first time, the people of Amethi decided to become the charioteer of India’s development instead of being followers of any party. At the same time, Smriti Irani also visited Amethi as much as she did in five years, which four generations of Congress could not do. As an alert public representative, he kept visiting every village of Amethi every week.

Prime Minister Modi, a great devotee of Lord Ram, has to be made PM again.
CM Yogi said that the voice of ‘This time we cross 400’ is resonating in the country, hearing which the Congress and the Indi alliance feel dizzy. He said that any party in the country needs 273 seats for majority, but Congress is not contesting elections on even this many seats in the entire country. The Chief Minister said that the entire country is happy with the presence of Ram Lalla and this is the Awadh region, a new dawn has dawned for this region. The wait of 500 years is over. Lord Shri Ram is seated in Ayodhya. Now once again the people of Amethi have to vote for BJP and make Prime Minister Modi ji, a great devotee of Lord Ram, the PM again. Under his leadership, the respect of the country has increased, terrorism and Naxalism have ended. Huge development works have been done.

Those who love Pakistan can go there
Attacking Congress, CM Yogi said that those who love Pakistan can go there. Today, people in Pakistan are dying of hunger, whereas in India, more than that population has been brought above the poverty line during the 10 years of Prime Minister Modi’s tenure. Under the leadership of the Prime Minister, 80 crore people of the country are getting free ration. The work of providing houses to four crore poor has been done. Why couldn’t Congress do this work? Taking aim at Rahul Gandhi, CM Yogi said that he is trying to memorize Dadi’s slogan. Taking aim at the opposition on the basis of the Congress manifesto, the Chief Minister said that these people are trying to put a dent in the reservation of SC, ST and OBC.

The whole of Amethi stood up in honor of Smriti ji.
Chief Minister (CM Yogi) said that Congress people want to feed beef to the minorities. Voting for them means being complicit in a sin like cow slaughter. Even if we vote for Congress fraudulently and it gives permission for cow slaughter, we will not be able to wash away this sin. We do not have to participate in their sin. Congress talks about conducting caste census and wants to make castes fight among themselves. She is preparing the foundation for the partition of India by dividing the reservation. CM Yogi said that today the whole of Amethi stood up in honor of Smriti ji. It is our responsibility to give a third term to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the country’s respect, development, poor welfare and self-reliant India.

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On this occasion, Union Minister, MP candidate Smriti Irani, State Government Minister Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh, MLAs Suresh Pasi, Ashok Kori, MLC Shailendra Pratap Singh, BJP District President Ramprasad Mishra, District Panchayat President Rajesh Agrahari, Durgesh Tripathi and other dignitaries were present.


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