Congress left very bitter after MP poll debacle

Congress is

Bhopal: After the crushing defeat in the Lok Sabha elections, the displeasure in the Congress regarding the organization has started to come out openly. Congress has suffered in Bundelkhand, Chambal, Mahakoshal and Vaghelkhand, former leader of opposition Ajay Singh has raised questions on the work of the organization. He also launched a big attack on PCC chief Jeetu Patwari and said, Jeetu Patwari’s tenure should be reviewed at a high level. The high command should decide what kind of strategy should be made for Madhya Pradesh in the future.

This time Congress has been wiped out in Madhya Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections. BJP has won all 29 seats in the state including Chhindwara. After the defeat, the rift among Congress leaders has come out in the open. Congress leader Ajay Singh Rahul has targeted senior leaders Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh as well as state president Jeetu Patwari.

Former leader of opposition Ajay Singh said, I demand a high level review of the tenure of state party president Jeetu Patwari. Not only did the party face a humiliating defeat, but a large number of leaders and workers left the party. For this, the steps taken to prevent them from leaving the party should also be discussed. He demanded that the reasons for the party’s defeat in the elections should be found out.

Meeting of Congress officials in Chhindwara

It is not just a question of one seat in Madhya Pradesh, but a big defeat. Kamal Nath spoke on his son’s defeat from Chhindwara

Ajay Singh is the son of former Chief Minister and former Union Minister late Arjun Singh. Ajay said, Congress workers are discouraged and disappointed. Which is not good for the future of the party. He further asked why the party’s veteran leaders Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh did not come out of their home area? The leadership should find out who campaigned during the elections.

Those who left should not return

Ajay also criticized leaders like former Union Minister Suresh Pachauri and senior MLA Ramniwas Rawat for leaving the party. He said, opportunistic and selfish leaders left the party at the time of crisis. They should never be taken back, no matter what the stature of that person is.

Such a defeat has not happened till date

Ajay Singh said that in 2013 when I was the leader of the opposition, I resigned when the Congress lost in the state. He said, we will have to take responsibility. The central leadership should review Madhya Pradesh. Such a bad defeat has not happened till date. Without taking Kamal Nath’s name, he said, the decision of a big leader coming and going was also harmful.


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