Complaint redressal should be a top priority says CM Yogi


Lucknow:  With the completion of the Lok Sabha elections, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given the mantra of ‘dialogue, coordination and sensitivity’ to the ministers and instructed them to visit among the public once again. He has said that the government is for the people, public interest is paramount for us, in such a situation, the problems, expectations and needs of the person standing at the last rung of the society must be resolved. The ministers should go to the field, communicate with the public with sensitivity and solve the problems by coordinating with the local public representatives and the government-administration. Wherever there is a problem, inform the Chief Minister’s office, you will get full support at all times.

In the special meeting of the cabinet on Saturday, the Chief Minister first congratulated on the formation of the government at the Center for the third consecutive time under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as congratulated the ministers who were elected MPs. The Chief Minister said that the way development has gained momentum in Uttar Pradesh in the 10 years of the Prime Minister, we will be able to create many new records in the coming 05 years. He said that all the honorable ministers should widely publicize the achievements of the central and state government. Increase activity on social media. Make the public aware of the policies, decisions and their positive results of the double engine government.

During the dialogue with the ministers, the Chief Minister emphasized that whether it is the ministers or other public representatives, everyone will have to avoid VIP culture. All have to be alert and cautious so that none of our activities reflect VIP culture.

Discussing the departmental action plan, the Chief Minister said that the state government is working with the target of $1 trillion economy. In this, the responsibility of every department is already fixed. It is the responsibility of the ministers to review the progress in accordance with the target, and get immediate correction done wherever there is a problem. While discussing future programs, he said that in the coming days, there are to be programs for massive plantation, school chalo abhiyan and communicable disease control. Everyone will have to make efforts for their success. All the honorable ministers should ensure their contribution for this in their respective areas.

The Chief Minister said that the first quarter of the financial year 2024-25 is about to end. It should be ensured that all the departments spend the funds provided in the current budget appropriately. There is an expectation of acceleration in allocation and expenditure. Expenditure should also be reviewed at the department level. The concerned ministers should review their departmental status. He also said that under the guidance of the Prime Minister, we are getting all possible assistance from the Central Government for the overall development of the state. Establish coordination with the Center and get the remaining amount. The departmental minister should himself communicate with the ministers of the Government of India. Do not keep the project obstructed due to lack of central share. Work should be continued by releasing the state share as per rules. All departments should ensure to send 100% utilization certificate on time.

Giving priority to public hearing, the Chief Minister said that the satisfaction of the common man and the progress of the state is at the core of all the public welfare efforts of the state government. Public hearing solution system (IGRS and CM helpline) is a very useful medium for easy resolution of complaints/problems of common people. Be it ministers, other public representatives or officers/employees, it is the responsibility of everyone that the applications received on IGRS should be disposed of promptly with priority. He said that we have adopted a zero tolerance policy against crime and criminals. Ministers should also review the actions being taken at police station, tehsil and district level regarding the applications received on IGRS and CM helpline. He also emphasized on e-cabinet system for cabinet meetings and effective implementation of e-office in all departments.


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