Co-Designing of Public Services in India: An Analysis

Department of Public Administration at the University of Lucknow

Lucknow: Today, the Atal Sushashan Peeth, Department of Public Administration at the University of Lucknow, hosted a thought-provoking lecture on “Co-Designing of Public Services in India: An Analysis.” The event, held at the DPA Hall, featured Professor Abhinav Sharma, from the Department of Political Science at BHU, as the chief speaker.

The lecture, expertly introduced by Dr. Utkarsh Mishra welcoming the guest followed by floral tribute to atal bihari vajpayee  provided invaluable insights into the concept of co-designing, wherein stakeholders collaborate actively in designing policies. Professor Abhinav Sharma articulated the essence of co-designing by elucidating its distinction from co-creation and co-production, emphasizing its significance in the realm of public services.

Drawing upon international and historical perspectives, Professor Sharma underscored the importance of co-designing in fostering innovation, enhancing citizen satisfaction, and strengthening relationships among stakeholders. He delved into the Double Diamond Model, elucidating its dimensions of engagement and leadership, and highlighted its applicability through compelling case studies, including the Gram Sabha of Haryana and the MyGov platform.

Despite its potential benefits, Professor Sharma candidly addressed the barriers to co-designing, such as prejudice, lack of trust, diversity challenges, and bureaucratic resistance. He emphasized the imperative need for overcoming these obstacles to realize the full potential of co-designing in India’s public service sector.
And than he concluded with line that “co designing is nothing but democracy in practice”.

The lecture concluded with a stimulating Q&A session, engaging participants in robust discussions about the practical implementation of co-designing strategies.

At the end of the lecture on co-designing of public services in India, Professor Abhinav Sharma was honored with a momento for his exceptional contribution, presented by Professor N.L. Bharti, Head of the Department. . Dr. Vaishali Saxena delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective effort that made the event a success and emphasizing the importance of ongoing collaboration in driving positive change.


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