CMS Summer Camp becomes a hub of overflowing talents

Lucknow : Summer Camp held at City Montessori School, Ayodhya Road Campus has become a veritable sea overflowing with the talents of children bubbling with energy and excitement. It is a centre for all-round development of students with various activities like Art and Craft, Calligraphy, Drawing and Painting, Skating, Wrestling, Vedic Mathematics, Computer Science, Classical and Folk Dancing, Singing, Swimming, Western Music, Instrumental music etc attracting the students. At present, the students are not only developing their personalities but also imbibing human values like camaraderie, brotherhood, cooperation and friendship. It may be metioned that CMS is organizing summer camps at all CMS campuses. These summer camps aim at taking studies out of the classrooms and practicing the arts, sciences, music and games in the open. This is empowering them physically, emotionally and mentally.

At this Summer Camp, the enthusiasm and vigour of students soars high and the whole Campus is abuzz with the eager shouts and cries of students, teachers trying to get the best out of this Camp. It is indeed a great sight to see the students splashing in the swimming pool in the summer heat or listen to them singing and dancing in the guidance of their teachers. Various kinds of sports activities are also organized in which students are participating with full zest and fervor. Principal,  Nupur Dawra said that the Summer Camps provide best facilities for the all round development of students bringing out their talents with fun and games. The natural abilities of children find a good outlet here helping the shy ones to come out of their shells and unleash their hidden potential.


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