Climate Change the buzzword at an event in Lucknow University

Climate Change

Lucknow:  The Researchers’ Guild of Governance, an initiative led by Research Scholars of the Department of Public Administration (DPA), under the patronage of  vice chancellor of University of Lucknow Prof Alok Kumar Rai hosted ,a seminar titled “Earth Summit & Climate Change Conventions”  at the  V.K.N. Menon Auditorium (DPA Hall).

This crucial event, powered by the collaborative efforts of the Counselling and Guidance Cell along with the Department of Public Administration, convened leading experts and scholars to delve into pressing issues surrounding climate change conventions and the imperative for collective action.

Distinguished expert members included Prof. Nand Lal Bharti, Dr. Vaishali Saxena, Dr. Saurabh Chauhan, and Dr. Sushil Kumar Chauhan, whose insightful contributions enriched the discourse on global environmental governance.

The seminar attracted a diverse array of participants of department of public administration,each presenting on vital topics ranging from the Rio Summit to the Paris Agreement, from climate financing to ethical considerations in environmental sustainability and wetland conservation.Noteworthy presentations were delivered by Sudhanshu Chaudhary, Gazendra Kumar, Rishabh Jain, Amit Kumar, Vidhushi Singh, Subham Sukhla, Shreya Yadav, Tushar Chaubey, harshavardhan, Aisha Jaheer, and Chetna Singh.

The event concluded with insightful remarks from Dr utkarsh mishra,Dr. Sushil Singh Chauhan, Dr. Saurabh, and Dr. Vaishali Saxena, emphasizing the urgent need for concerted global efforts to combat climate change and safeguard our planet for future generations,with equal contribution of community and individuals at local level too

In an era marked by escalating environmental challenges, the seminar served as a pivotal platform for fostering dialogue, exchanging knowledge, and catalyzing action towards a more sustainable and resilient future.


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