Choose issues, not candidates is the message

Lok Sabha elections-2024

Amidst the promises of development, focus on issues like waterless and polluted Gomti, felling trees, poor air quality are the hot buzz

Lucknow: Lucknowites are ready to vote in the Lok Sabha elections-2024. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing and voting for the candidate of their choice. Everyone wants the development of Lucknow. However, there are some issues in Lucknow which are important, but these issues are not in discussion in the elections. An awareness program was organized by Go Green Save Earth Foundation on these issues at 1090 intersection on Sunday.

Founder Vimlesh Nigam says that the life-giving Gomti in Lucknow is dying on its own today. There is no water in the river. Wherever water is visible, it is dirty and smelly. Despite this, it is not being made an issue. Similarly, trees are being cut indiscriminately in the capital. Due to this, the level of air index is getting worse. No guidelines are being issued by the government on the bad level of air pollution. Nor have any concrete steps been taken so far. Even no political party has assured or promised clean air in its election manifesto. Similarly, garbage management is still a problem today. The condition of social transport is still not good. So we will talk about these issues and vote for these issues.

High Court Registrar Mohammad Rizwan, Thakur Shirish Singh, Haribhan Yadav, Doctor Prachi, Yoga Guru KD Mishra, Nikhil Yadav and many other Lucknow residents and common people also participated in the program.

In the Lok Sabha elections 2024, they took an oath that-

•Will vote to save water, forest and land

•Will vote for clean air, clean water and better environment

* Will vote for better waste management

* Will vote for clean energy, better social transport

* Will vote to make Gomti clean and pure

* Will vote for better health services

* Will vote for poison-free food and saving trees.


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