Chinese map the Dark Side of the Moon


Beijing: There is a race among countries from all over the world to reach the moon. So far, America has completed its mission first. Now China has also landed Chang-E 6 on the moon. A Chinese spacecraft recently landed on the far side of the moon to collect soil and rock samples, which wants to know more about the less explored area.

When did it land?

According to information received from China’s National Space Administration, the landing module landed in a large crater called South Pole-Aitken Basin at 6:23 am Beijing time. This mission is the sixth in Chang-E, named after the Chinese moon goddess. This is the second mission designed to bring back samples after Chang-E 5.

The mission will go underground

In China’s current mission, the lander has to use a drill to collect 2 kilograms of surface and underground material for about two days. An ascender on top of the lander will then carry the collected samples in a metal vacuum container back to another module orbiting the moon. The container will be transferred to a re-entry capsule that is scheduled to return to Earth around June 25 in the desert of China’s Inner Mongolia region.

Missions to the far side of the moon are more difficult because it does not face Earth, requiring relay satellites to maintain communications. China is also preparing to send man to the moon before 2030.


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