Chinese gear up to observe International Museum Day

International Museum Day

Beijing: The International Council of Museums designated 18 May every year as International Museum Day in the year 1977. Its objective is to attract the participation and attention of common people in museum work along with healthy development of global museums.

The theme of this year is museums engaged in education and learning. On the day of International Museum Day, various programs are organized in various museums all over the world.

The Chinese Museum Society became a member of the International Museum Association in 1983, and since then celebrates International Museum Day every year.

It is said that this year the Chinese Museum Society will organize the main event at the Shaanxi History Museum located in Xi’a city of Shaanxi province. A series of programs have started from April. The Qian and Han Dynasty Building of Shaanxi History Museum will formally open on International Museum Day.

Amazing exhibitions and international academic seminars will also be organised. Museums in all regions of China will also organize exhibitions, cultural lectures, releases of cultural and creative products, online live shows and online knowledge competitions, etc.

Everyone knows that the museum is an important palace for the preservation and development of human civilization, which is a bridge connecting the past, present and future. More than 73.58 million people visited more than 6,800 museums across China during this year’s Spring Festival holidays, up 98.6 percent from the same period last year. Museums are becoming popular among Chinese people.

museum  is an institution dedicated to displaying and/or preserving culturally significant objects. Many museums have exhibitions of these objects on public display, and some have private collections that are used by researchers and specialists. Compared to a library, a museum hosts a much wider range of objects and usually focus around a specific theme such as the arts, science, natural history, local history, and other topics. Public museums that host exhibitions and interactive demonstrations are often considered to be tourist attractions, and many museums attract large numbers of visitors from outside their host country, with the most visited museums in the world regularly attracting millions of visitors annually.


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