Advanced Traffic Management @ Bundelkhand Expressway

Bundelkhand Expressway
  • UPEIDA invites applications for Bundelkhand Expressway’s Traffic Management Project
  • Traffic Management Command Center to be set up to operate ATMS on Bundelkhand Expressway
  • Yogi govt to install vehicle speed detection systems to curb over-speeding on Bundelkhand Expressway
  • 150 VIDS solar powered cameras with 96 hour backup to be installed at 50 locations to facilitate monitoring on Bundelkhand Expressway

Lucknow: As part of its ongoing efforts to make expressways smart in line with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision, the Uttar Pradesh government is gearing up to equip the Bundelkhand Expressway with the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS).

Notably, the Uttar Pradesh Expressway Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA) has called for applications through Requests for Qualification (RFQ) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) to carry out this project.

In a determined effort to elevate Uttar Pradesh to a leading state, the Yogi government is prioritizing investment processes to transform the state into a trillion-dollar economy. Concurrently, they are upgrading the state’s expressways with cutting-edge facilities. With this, they are improving the convenience for travelers and enhancing the safety and monitoring of logistics movements in the state.

Traffic Management Command Center will be equipped with many advanced features

According to the action plan prepared to make Bundelkhand Expressway ITMS enabled, a Traffic Management Command Center will be established on Bundelkhand Expressway. This will strengthen the traffic monitoring and management process.  The Traffic Management Control (TMC) unit will be equipped with a 360-terabyte recording server storage. Additionally, there will be 240-terabyte recording server storage for backup recordings.

TMC will be equipped with Advanced Driver Advisory System

The Traffic Management Control (TMC) unit will feature a facility monitoring system controller, graphic displays, internet and SMS servers, fiber channel hosts, and USB joystick-controlled PTZ cameras. It will also be equipped with VMS license for operation of 890 cameras including emergency telephone helpline console, Aadhaar enabled biometric fingerprint scanner machine for staff, surge protection device, lightning protection unit, advanced driver advisory system and GPS tracker.

Solar-powered cameras with VIDS will be installed at 50 different locations

To enable ATMS on the Bundelkhand Expressway, 150 VIDS-enabled cameras will be installed at 50 different locations. These specialized cameras will be solar-powered and can operate for up to 96 hours on a single charge. As part of the plan, PTZ cameras with CCTV controllers will be installed along the Bundelkhand Expressway.

Vehicle Speed Detection System will monitor overspeeding vehicles

Motion detection surveillance cameras and vehicle speed detection systems will be installed on both sides of the Bundelkhand Expressway. This will allow for alerts to be issued for over speeding vehicles, enabling the control room to track them immediately. Additionally, speed detection radars with a 90-meter range will be installed, and the process for their installation will be completed alongside the implementation of a digital transmission system.

Project will be allocated for a 5-year period

For the project, UPEIDA has invited applications through Request for Qualification (RFQ) and Request for Proposal (RFP). The selected agency will carry out all these tasks under the supervision of UPEIDA officials. Notably, the work will be allocated for a period of 5 years, and the chosen agency will be responsible for the procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance of all equipment. Additionally, UPEIDA staff will be trained for the operation of these systems. The agency will also handle the appointment of technical staff and control room operation staff.


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