BJP stands firmly with Rajnath Singh

Lucknow: After the grand nomination of Rajnath Singh for the Lucknow Lok Sabha elections, party representatives and workers held public relations and meetings to create an atmosphere in favour of the party.

State Vice President MLA Noida Pankaj Singh held a meeting in the presence of MLA Dr. Neeraj Bora at the residence of councilor candidate Arvind Mishra (Anshu) and at the residence of Daya Shankar Singh (Raju). They appealed to everyone to vote as much as possible in the Lok Sabha elections. In the meeting, everyone supported Defense Minister and popular MP Rajnath Singh by raising the slogan of crossing Rs 5 lakh this time.

Chief guest Pankaj Singh reiterated the development work done by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and said that the process of development work will continue in Lucknow. The Defense Minister is determined to complete whatever plans or proposals come for the development of Lucknow. His specialty is to listen to the needs of even the smallest worker and make every possible effort to fulfill them.


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