BJP Lucknow Mahanagar connects locally

BJP Lucknow Mahanagar

Lucknow: BJP Lucknow Mahanagar is organizing street meetings with the advice of Lucknow Lok Sabha election candidate Rajnath Singh to reach out to the people about the development work in Lucknow.

BJP Lucknow Mahanagar President Anand Dwivedi said that street meetings are being organized in every ward under BJP Lucknow Mahanagar unit in which the people’s representatives are informing the people about the development work done by MP Rajnath Singh in Lucknow and pamphlets of the development work are being distributed. Nukkad Sabhas were organized here.

Senior BJP leader Neeraj Singh addressed a large number of residents of the area in the meeting held at Daulatganj Ahmednagar intersection of North Division One and in Division Four Ward under Central Assembly.

Lucknow Mayor Sushma Kharkwal, Lok Sabha Election Coordinator and Legislative Council Member Mukesh Sharma addressed a large number of residents in the meeting held in West Assembly Division One Sahadatganj A, former MLA Suresh Chandra Tiwari in Mallahi Tola First Ward, Division Four Tilak Nagar Kundri B of Central Assembly, Manish Shukla in Division Three of North Assembly, Avadh Area Officer Dr. Shweta Singh in Division One under Cantt Assembly, Nanak Chandra Lakhmani in Division Three Lal Kuan addressed a large number of residents and told them about the achievements and schemes of the Central and State Government along with the development works of Lucknow.


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