Big breather for wrestling ace Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh Phogat

New Delhi: Only 2 months are left for the Paris Olympics to begin. Therefore, Indian athletes have started preparing for it. Trials have also started for this in India. Meanwhile, the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) has taken a big decision. WFI has decided that the wrestlers who have got quota will now be given direct entry in the Paris Olympics. The President of the Federation, Sanjay Singh, along with other officials, has taken this decision by bypassing the old rule. However, it has not been officially announced yet. With its announcement, 6 wrestlers who have got quota, including Vinesh Phogat, will not have to give trials.

The Wrestling Federation of India had been giving direct entry to some wrestlers in the Olympics (Paris Olympics) through qualifying events. But under the chairmanship of Brij Bhushan Singh, who is embroiled in a sexual abuse case, WFI had made a rule of trial in 2021 despite the quota, so that young players could be given a chance.

After getting the Olympic quota, some wrestlers including Aman Sehrawat and Nisha Dahiya had demanded the Wrestling Federation not to conduct the trials citing the problem of trials.

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The Tribune has told in its report quoting WFI sources that most of the officials in the federation are in favor of not conducting trials. According to the report, the federation says that maintaining weight is the biggest problem for wrestlers. Many players had also written letters to them expressing the risk of injury. The Wrestling Federation of India wants all wrestlers to be fit and fresh before the Olympics. Keeping these things in mind, this decision has been taken.

They got entry

Vinesh Phogat in 50Kg category, Anant Panghal in 53Kg, Anshu Malik in 57Kg and Ritika Hooda in 76Kg had secured quota by participating in different qualifying events. Whereas Aman Sehrawat and Nisha Dahiya got quota from the World Olympic Wrestling Qualifiers held in Istanbul. Now all these 6 wrestlers will be able to go to Paris Olympics without trials. Let us tell you that the Olympic Qualifiers held in Istanbul was the last chance for the wrestlers to go to Paris


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