Biden eyes security agreement with Ukraine

Washington: US President Joe Biden left for Italy  to attend the G-7 summit. During the conference, he will sign a new security agreement with Ukraine.

During this, Ukraine will be pledged America’s long-term support. However, earlier the White House had said that President Biden would meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky again at the summit and then hold a joint press conference.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke to reporters. He said that the new agreement will make it clear that the US will continue to support Ukraine in the future in the field of defense and security.

He said that by signing the agreement, we will also signal our resolve to Russia. Sullivan said, if Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks that he can last longer than the coalition that has come out in support of Ukraine, then he is wrong.

Jake Sullivan further said, 15 countries have signed their security agreements, which will strengthen Ukraine’s defensive deterrence capability. During this, he also made it clear that the US agreement would include a commitment to work closely with the US Congress to support Ukraine, but not a commitment to use US forces on the ground.

European officials have opposed the seizure of assets, citing legal and financial stability concerns – most of the seized assets are located in Europe – but the interest earned on the assets under the plan would be used to help Ukraine’s war efforts.

The two people discussed the agreement on condition of anonymity before it was formally announced.

A French presidential official confirmed the announcement.

The agreement was announced as Biden is set to attend a summit of the world’s leading democracies, vowing to do big things, including turning over billions of dollars in frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine fight Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war machine.

The White House said the security arrangement is intended to signal to Russia that the US is committed to supporting Kiev while Biden travels to Europe.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the security agreement would not commit to directly sending US troops to defend Ukraine against a Russian invasion.


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