Appeals made to vote by conducting voter awareness seminar

Lucknow: Former minister and MLA from Bahraich Sadar Anupama Jaiswal, Radha Sakhi Mandal President Bindu Bora, Lucknow Metropolitan Vice President Ghanshyam Das Aggarwal, businessman in the voter awareness seminar organized under the joint aegis of International Vaishya Mahasammelan Lucknow Unit and Collectorganj Welfare Society in the courtyard in front of Lucknow Daliganj station. Leader Bharat Bhushan Gupta was present.

Addressing the residents of the area in the voter awareness seminar, former state cabinet minister Anupama Jaiswal said that no one can stop the Ganga of development flowing under Modi Yogi’s government, while the country is setting a new record every day, the state is also setting development records. Writing the story of actions. Due to the fear-free environment in the state, traders are doing their business with ease and new industries are being established. You know very well from the development works in Lucknow that Rajnath Singh, being the Defense Minister and MP of Lucknow, has given a new identity to Lucknow. On the day of voting on 20th May, do come out of your homes and vote in large numbers.

Social worker Bindu Bora said that participation of all of you in the great festival of democracy is ensured by your voting. Do vote on the voting day on 20th May. Motivate yourself and your family, neighbors and relatives to vote.

On this occasion, North Assembly Assembly Shailendra Sharma Atal, local councilor Abhilasha Katiyar, senior business leader Amarnath Aggarwal, National Joint Minister of International Vaishya Mahasammelan Dr. Ajay Gupta, State Minister Manoj Aggarwal, Metropolitan President Sunil Aggarwal ‘Sonu’, President Youth Unit Anurag Sahu. , President Women’s Unit Sunita Gupta, Subhash Jain of Collectorganj Society and local people were present.


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