An innovative move way ahead of its time

Dr. Rajeshwar Singh

Lucknow: The good health of citizens is the invaluable asset of any nation. Unfortunately, India is rapidly becoming a home to lifestyle-based diseases. The obesity rate in the country has increased rapidly, from 9% obesity rate in the year 2016 to 20% obesity rate in India in the year 2023. According to a report, 80% of India’s youth and senior citizens are suffering from diseases like high stress.

Regular exercise is most beneficial in keeping away many problems like obesity, stress. In line with this goal, Open Air Gyms are being continuously established by MLA Dr. Rajeshwar Singh in Sarojininagar assembly constituency of the capital Lucknow. Sarojininagar MLA Dr. Rajeshwar Singh, who is setting new dimensions of public welfare by implementing innovative, visionary and effective development schemes, has established 52 Open Air Gyms in his assembly constituency to protect people from lifestyle diseases and provide every resource for better health.

After establishing 46 Open Air Gyms in urban areas, MLA Dr. Rajeshwar Singh has now extended this innovative initiative to rural areas and established 6 Open Air Gyms in Gadhi Chunauti, Haroni, Niwan, Pyarepur, Barkatabad and Hardoiya Lalnagar Gram Sabha.

Dr. Rajeshwar Singh’s decision to establish Open Air Gyms in rural areas is very special. Rural areas always lag behind in getting the benefits of modern resources, but MLA Dr. Rajeshwar Singh is fulfilling the goal of all-round development in true sense by taking the unprecedented decision to establish Open Air Gyms in rural areas as well.

In this regard, Dr. Rajeshwar Singh says that the target of establishing 50 Open Air Gyms in the area through CSR fund has been achieved, till now 52 Open Air Gyms have been established. We are slowly moving towards the target of 100 Open Air Gyms. I am happy that people are using them, Open Air Gyms are also strengthening the community spirit.


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