America reaches Super 8 territory in T20 WC

T20 WC

New York:  Due to rain in Florida, the match between Ireland and America could not be held . In this way, the American team got one point and entered the Super-8. On the other hand, the Pakistani team is out of the Super-8 race.

USA team’s match against Ireland got cancelled due to rain. Due to this America got a point and it now has 5 points. Pakistan could only reach 4 points even after winning, so it was out of the tournament. America created history by making it to the Super-8. This is its first T20 World Cup and it reached the Super-8. With this Pakistan, Ireland and Canada also packed their bags.

The Pakistan team lost to the USA and India. Hopes remained alive after the win against Canada, but the rain in Florida left dreams dashed. Pakistan is not the only big team that has been eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2024. New Zealand also could not progress beyond the group stage.

The Pakistan team is itself responsible for not being able to reach the Super-8. Apart from India, Group A of the T20 World Cup 2024 had teams like Ireland, Canada and America. Apart from India, it could have easily defeated any team, but after losing against America, how can it be expected to reach the Super-8. The Pakistan team had performed very poorly in the match against America.


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