AK Sharma’s clarion call for thumping majority for BJP

Mau, Lucknow:  Energy and Urban Development Minister A.K. Sharma, who is known as the son of Mau and Vikas Purush, has blown the election bugle by organizing a series of public meetings and public meetings in his home district Mau. Addressing the public meetings held in Kamalpur, Kolaura and Jagwa of Mau, Minister . Sharma said that Modi ji is becoming the Prime Minister once again, there is no doubt left in this. In the state where Modi is in power, Yogi’s double engine government is the symbol of development. Therefore, by not going against the wind and taking the right political decision, we have to give our support in the form of votes to Modi ji in leading the country on the path of progress and prosperity and by voting for the election symbol of stick, the alliance candidate from Ghosi Lok Sabha, Dr. Arvind Rajbhar, we have to make him victorious with a huge number of votes. So that your future development can be saved from getting eclipsed by the confusion spread by the opposition parties. Minister Sharma said in a public meeting organized in favour of NDA alliance’s Subhaspa candidate Dr. Arvind Rajbhar from Mau’s Ghosi Lok Sabha seat that Modi Ji is always trying to make every person of the country prosperous and strong and to remove their pain and suffering. Taking care that the plates of the poor do not remain empty and they get enough food, he has provided free ration to 80 crore people. This ration will continue to be available for the next 5 years.

He has provided 4 crore houses to give people a roof over their heads and has announced to provide 3 crore more houses in the next 5 years. Modi Ji has provided the benefit of crores of toilets to give respect to women, and has provided free gas cylinders to provide relief from diseases caused by the smoke from the stove. Along with this, he has provided the benefit of Ayushman Yojana to crores of people to provide free treatment up to Rs. 5 lakh.

Minister Sharma said that Modi  has so far worked to fill the gap dug by the previous governments. Work has already begun to take the country further on the path of development and it will continue in the future as well. For this, Modi has to be made the Prime Minister once again. We should not fall into the confusion being spread by the opposition parties.

If he was so concerned, he would have started giving one kg ration at least. Regarding the confusion being spread by the opposition about reservation and the constitution, Minister  Sharma said that if Modi  had to do something like this, 10 years would have been enough. Whatever he had to change, he has done it by removing Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. Now is the time to implement the constitution.

Minister Sharma said that to strengthen Modi’s hands, make the alliance candidate Arvind Rajbhar  victorious with a huge number of votes by stamping on the stick symbol. Your every vote is for Dr. Arvind Rajbhar, AK Sharma (Arvind Sharma) and Narendra Modi. Leave aside the caste-religion affair and think about the country, think about the bright future of yourself and your children. Modi ji has made this herculean effort to provide all the facilities necessary for living to the poor. Through this effort, Modi ji has worked to bring 25 crore people of the country above the poverty line. Modi ji has done unlimited development of entire Purvanchal by keeping Kashi at the center. Purvanchal is also trying to establish industrial complexes while providing important facilities of development path like Expressway, rail services, airport. This change shows the efficient working style of Modi ji along with opening employment opportunities for the youth.

During the Janchaupal, a large number of workers and local citizens including District Panchayat President Manoj Rai, Yogendra Rai, Sarvesh Rai, Suraj Rai, spokesperson Badri Singh, former Pradhan Mithlesh Singh, BJP leader Yogendra Nath Rai, Sumit Rai, Ankit Rai, Ranjit Singh, Suraj Rai, Pappu Singh, Sujit Singh, Raj Kumar Yadav, Arpit Upadhyay, Shailesh Dubey, Ramesh Chauhan, Ram Naval Singh, Krishna Pal Singh, Santosh Giri, Manjit Singh, Balbir Singh, Om Pal Singh were present.


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