72-hour nonstop cleaning campaign going on for drains

Urban Development Minister A.K. Sharma did a field inspection of the cleaning system of Mohammadi Nala, Khazana Chauraha and drains near Power House Chauraha in Zone 08.

There should be no waterlogging anywhere in the capital during the rains. Negligence and laxity in cleaning work will not be tolerated at any level, he said.

Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Urban Development and Energy Minister  A.K. Sharma inspected the 72-hour nonstop cleaning campaign going on since Wednesday for cleaning the drains in the urban bodies. The Urban Development Minister reached Zone 08 area of ​​​​Lucknow and did a field inspection of the cleaning system of the drains from Bangla Bazaar Square to Khazana Square, Kila Mohammadi Nala from Khazana Square to Railway Under Crossing, Smriti Upvan Square to Power House Square.

During this, he directed the Municipal Commissioner to cover the open drain near Bangla Bazaar crossing by laying slabs for 500 meters, to lay necessary slabs in the drain near Khazana crossing in front of Smriti Upvan and to repair the broken walls of the drain, to build a wall on the side of Kila Mohammadi drain and immediately remove the silt lying on the banks of the drain in front of Sector N One, to clean the silt so that the flow of water in the drain does not stop, and also to remove the encroachment done by people in the drain near the railway line.

Sector N One residents Madan Singh and Anand Tiwari had complained to the Minister about the encroachment in the drain near the railway line and the sewer water spreading on the roads due to the STP located here not being operational, on which the Minister assured to start the STP and remove the encroachment on the drain.

To ensure that citizens do not face problems like waterlogging, dirt, communicable diseases, dengue, chikungunya, mosquito-borne diseases and supply of dirty water during the rainy season, Urban Development and Energy Minister  AK Sharma  directed all urban bodies to run a continuous cleaning campaign for 72 hours for better cleaning of all drains in their area.

He also asked to deploy nodal officers in all the bodies to monitor and review the cleaning work, so that there is no shortage or mistake in the cleaning work of drains, and where necessary, he also instructed to monitor the work through drones. He also instructed to check all flood pumping stations and pumping sets so that there is no problem of waterlogging anywhere in the cities during the rainy season. To prevent waterlogging in cities, the sediment of all drains should be cleaned, wherever bushes etc. have grown, they should be removed, so that there is no obstruction in the flow of rainwater anywhere. Any level of negligence and laxity in the cleaning of drains/seals will not be tolerated. During the inspection, the regional councilor, Municipal Commissioner Indrajit Singh, Chief Engineer Mahesh Verma, all the officers of Zone-8 were present.


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