6 year old makes unique Guinness World Record

Takshavi Vaghani

Ahmedabad: 6 year old Takshavi Vaghani, living in Ahmedabad, did such a wonderful thing in skating that her name has been registered in the Guinness World Record Book. Although this is the age for children to play and jump, but Takshvi has brought glory not only to his family but also to India with his achievement. Actually, Takshavi has made a world record of more than 25 meters in lowest limbo skating.

Guinness World Records shared the video: 6 year old Takshavi Vaghani from Ahmedabad, Gujarat has registered her name in the Guinness World Records book by doing wonders in lowest limbo skating. Guinness World Records has confirmed this by sharing a video. While sharing a video on his social media platform X, he wrote, ‘Lowest limbo skating of more than 25 meters.’ This record-breaking feat was accomplished on March 10 last year.

Record was in the name of Manasvi: Before Takshvi, the title of lowest limbo skating of more than 25 meters was held by Manasvi Vishal of Pune. Manasvi, who achieved the feat at the age of three and a half years, has left the world mesmerized with her impressive skills and passion for the game. His journey to hold the Guinness World Record began with a passion for limbo skating. Manasvi glided effortlessly to a distance of 25 meters while maintaining a height of only 16.5 centimeters from the ground.

This achievement is in the name of Srishti: The news says that along with the achievements of Takshvi and Manasvi, 18 year old Indian skater Srishti Dharmendra Sharma has also done wonders in the world of limbo skating. Srishti created a new world record in July 2023 by taking the shortest time to skate more than 50 meters, completing the distance in just 6.94 seconds. Srishti has achieved this feat by leaving behind her own record made in 2021


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