13 year old gangraped and murdered

13 year old gangraped

Haridwar: 13-year-old girl gangraped and murdered, 6 accused including a politician’s brother arrested. On 23 June, the 13-year-old girl was taken away on the pretext of a birthday party. Then she was made to drink beer. In a deserted area, youths named Nitin, Nikhil Panchal, Tushar and Mausam gangraped her and fled. The gangrape victim went to the leader’s brother Amit Saini at night to ask for help. Amit also raped her and took her in front of Patanjali Research Institute at night and killed her by pushing her in front of a vehicle.

After committing the crime, Amit went to his cousin leader Adityaraj Saini. He told her the whole incident. Adityaraj misled the girl’s mother and threatened her not to go to the police. However, the body was recovered on 24 June. The accused were arrested, his party has expelled Adityaraj, but the arrest is pending….


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