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Guardian Angels - Were They Lovers Or Protectors?

04 Sep 2013

The Lucknow Tribune Team

Rohit Gore's Guardian Angels is a story of Aditya Mehta and Radha Deodhar two people from two different worlds. He, a billionaire's son and she, the daughter of a socialist, he is quiet and reticent, she an extrovert and firebrand yet their lives intertwine again and again, mysteriously to protect each other. 
The story spanning through two decades of their life touches upon their teenage years, to the twenties and to the present day when they are in their thirties. What is their relationship, what does destiny has for them? Written in a lucid uncomplicated style, with well carved out characters and engrossing plot, The Guardian Angel, makes for a compelling read. The book is already making waves and some bloggers have given it thumbs up in their posts.

This is the fourth novel written by the Pune based IT professional and author Rohit Gore. On the bestsellers list for his third book the Circle of Three, Rohit believes that the literary world is in a state of flux and upheaval. Hundreds of new books are flooding in the market. Writing books which was until now understood to be an esoteric and a highly intellectual profession has become accessible thanks to technology. And a lot many books are self- published by the writers. "Chetan Bhagat and Amish Tripathi are to some respect responsible for this revolution in the literary world. They de-mystified the author’s image as someone eccentric, aloof and mysterious. The authors today are young and are not afraid to write in their own language their stories. The fact that more people are writing and reading is a welcome trend."

All the four books-Focus Sam, A Darker Dawn, The Circle of Three and the Guardian Angel are not sequels of each other but stand alone books. When asked about the genre, Rohit says he has not settled for one but all the books have the characters thrown in a 'what if' situation. The characters are caught up in a series of events which has the reader imagining the situation "what if it happened to me?"
Rohit says it is a fantasy for him to be a full time writer. "It is a tough call. It is not enough that you can write. Finding a right publisher and good editors is an uphill task." He however, feels writing is his personal achievement, something he does for self-fulfilment.

When asked about his next Rohit says that he's toying with a theme with supernatural elements.

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